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The Pandhal Lab will be featured on BBC's Horizon Documentary

Emanga will be the star and has been showcasing how beneficial adding microalgae to soil can be. She will start by demonstrating how to isolate algal strains from soil which was filmed in our lab in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. There will be footage of our small scale photobioreactors whirring in the background. The crew then moved onto looking at the effects at plant level at the Arthur Willis Environment centre, where Emanga had added algal biomass to wheat and rocket seeds a month ago. Finally, there will be our much loved Phyco-Flow showing how we can scale up growth of algae (see images). This run was inoculated just a few days prior to filming but you can already see the "happy green" colour just beginning to show. Can't wait to see the show which is focussed on food and sustainability and due to to air around February 2021.

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