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Festival of Algae 3

Amy Birss

Amy, Barra, Josie, Austin and Jose attended the Festival of Algae 3, hosted by Algae UK, which was held in Manchester. Lots of amazing academics presented their work in the form of seminars, posters and panel discussions and it was a great opportunity to get to meet more people in the field and see what other research is happening. Many presentations debuted novel methods of using algae from biocomposite living tiles to living paint, a lot of innovation was seen and the range of algae was showcased. Barra had the opportunity to present a poster detailing his research into large-scale cultivation of Synechocystis sp. and the application of the PHB produced in medical devices. Josie also rounded off the conference with an amazing presentation on quantitative proteomics and the array of information it can give you.

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