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Engineering with Living Systems I

Level 1

This module is an introduction to biological engineering covering the basics of host cell systems (bakers yeast, E. coli) exploited within the biomanufacturing industry i.e. cell types, structure, function. The working of the cell will be introduced; cell chemistry (biochemistry) and cell structure (macromolecules). These will be described in terms of products (e.g. protein biopharmaceuticals, fatty acid fuels), cell cultivation (basic and industrial microbiology, fermentation) and methods to improve cell productivities e.g. metabolic engineering, synthetic biology. Modelling of fermentation processes will be expanded through enzyme catalysis and Michelis Menten kinetics and linked to applications e.g. departmental relevant research.

water treatment plant.jpg

Environmental Engineering

Level 4 (MEng) & BSc

This module has three main focus areas: Air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution. It prepares students for tackling pollution problems, both in terms of methods for preventing the pollution from occurring in the first place and with methods for remediation of polluted sites in the environment. I teach water pollution on this module only. 

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