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  • Jags Pandhal

Professor Ken Reardon still the algae magician

Great to hang out with Ken at Colorado State University, learning about their latest DOE algae to bio-products project (with some locally brewed beers of course).

Also great to meet an A-team of microbiome engineers.

Mike Wilkins and his fascinating exploration of sub-surface systems using his sophisticated metagenomic algorithms. Environmental engineer and molecular biologist Susan De Long, opening the eyes of engineers worldwide to the complexities of microbial communities in industrial systems. Matt Wallenstein, Head of Department at Soil and Crop Sciences, who amongst investigating the role of microbes in soils, actively engineers the rhizosphere for improving agricultural productivity. Top example: improving the yields for Cannabis growers with an engineered microbial consortium- a marketed product of his spin out company. High times. And finally, the intricate computational approaches of Joshua Chan- modelling and engineering microbiomes using omics data and genome scale constructions.

Amazing stuff.

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