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  • Jags Pandhal

Proteins rule...New grant on metaproteomics (when one organism just isn't enough)

Microbial communities inhabit our entire planet and play a vital role in biogeochemical processes through to human health. Although we have exploited these consortia for a variety of biotechnology processes, only recent technological advances can provide us with unprecedented insights into their diversity, functionality and forever evolving interactions. This information is ripe for exploitation across a plethora of industries, and play a major role in facing grand challenges in health, food, energy and the environment.

Community Network in MetaProteomics (ComProt), is a NERC grant awarded to the Universities of Sheffield and Warwick, where we aim to raise the profile of metaproteomics. We will provide advice, workshops and online help to UK Scientists, furthering discovery and insight into the fascinating world of microbial communities.

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