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Post doc opportunity in algal biotechnology and optical sensing in my lab...

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

This is an exciting Postdoctoral Research Associate position working in research and development at the interface of biological engineering and optical systems engineering. The focus is on developing a brand-new carbon capture technology, based on microalgae and aerosols, and is in partnership with global steel manufacturer, TATA Steel Ltd. The aim is to utilise our state-of-the-art aerosol research facilities to biologically-activate aerosols with photosynthetic microbes and design a new process that could play a major part in industrial carbon dioxide capture and help mitigate climate change.

Within the role you will be developing new biological aerosolization research as well as the opportunity to develop hyperspectral imaging and infrared optical sensing techniques to assess microalgal cell health and measure CO2 fixation efficiency. This will involve collaboration with two departments in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sheffield, rated No.1 for research environment in the UK in the recent Research Excellence Framework assessment 2021 . You will be supported by two flourishing research groups, working at the forefront of their research fields and pushing boundaries on inter-disciplinary solutions to some of the most challenging societal problems. The position is also supported 100% by a research technician with expertise in aerosolization.

This project will suit candidates with a track record of working with biological samples, i.e., cultivating microbes such as microalgae, with the ability to learn new analytical techniques. The successful candidate will need to leverage their knowledge of biological systems and apply novelty to the overall process. They will be required to work effectively within the project team, surveying the latest literature with an eye for designing robust and systematic experimental plans. Critical evaluation of the results will lead to reporting findings through oral presentations and peer-reviewed high impact papers. It is vital that the successful candidate has a way of working that supports the writing process, enabling them to publish the results of their high quality research in a timely manner. The role will also involve travel to conferences and the project partner TATA Steel Ltd.

We’re one of the best not-for-profit organisations to work for in the UK. The University’s Total Reward Package includes a competitive salary, a generous Pension Scheme and annual leave entitlement, as well as access to a range of learning and development courses to support your personal and professional development. We are committed to exploring flexible working opportunities which benefit you and the university.

More info and where to apply: Job info

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