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Exploring the symbiotic dance in algae-bacteria co-cultures

By Amy Birss

I recently had the incredible opportunity to attend and present at ChemEngDayUK 2024, hosted by Imperial College London. This was a significant milestone as it was my first oral presentation at such a prominent event. My talk, titled "Exploring the Symbiotic Dance: Algae-Bacterial Co-cultures and Their Role in Biodegradation," focused on the unseen potential of co-cultures in biodegradation and remediation. 

I emphasized the importance of understanding microbiomes for environmental remediation and the use of different omics tools, bioinformatics and adaptive laboratory evolution. My research focuses on the evolution of a complex community overtime with the primary interest of the degradation of the carcinogen, benzene. The feedback I received was invaluable, sparking insightful discussions that will shape the future direction of my research.


The conference was filled with insightful presentations and keynote speeches from leading minds in chemical engineering. Professor Marco Mazzotti’s keynote on carbon capture and storage technologies was particularly inspiring, showcasing advancements in combating climate change. Professor Lisa Hall’s talk on engineering proteins for diagnostic uses in low-income countries highlighting the revolutionary impact of chemical engineering in health-care. 


ChemEngDayUK 2024 highlighted the dynamic and diverse nature of chemical engineering. From groundbreaking research to inspiring keynotes, the conference was a testament to the innovative spirit within our field. I’m really looking forward to future opportunities to both share my research and learn from other people in the industry.

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