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Symposium on circular economy and post COP26 outcomes

It was a pleasure to chair this symposium and meet Olivia Blake (Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Net-zero) and John Hague (Vice President of science and technology at Unilever Homecare). The meeting aimed to discuss how the circular economy could assist in achieving the ambitious goals discussed at COP26. There's a lot of ambition but not a lot of action, its fair to say. It was particularly interesting seeing how solutions fit regional, national and global scales.

I though the questions from the attendees were excellent, and although we can't provide all the answers, we will be making a paper of the event to showcase the enormity of the challenge but also, potential solutions that were suggested by people in the audience as well as the panel.

Thanks to all attendees and panel guests, and of course UKRI for funding. Professor Styring was clearly delighted with the venue!

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