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Greening Tinsley with algae

A group of Sheffield architects have been designing and building an algal photobioreactor out of waste materials at a local abandoned school.


Tinsley School is an old Victorian school but was closed recently due to high levels of local pollution (its very close to the M1). But a team of scientists, engineers, designers etc. are now using the space as an educational focal point, aiming to breathe life into the old building. As well as hydroponic urban farming, smart paint material that traps toxic chemicals from exhaust fumes, we have been assisting in the implementation of an algal based solution. It can eat some of the toxic gases, and provide bio-actives for a green wall.

In order to engage the new school in the discussion around green technology and microalgae, the students from Sheffield School of Architecture developed a low-tech workshop for the pupils. They aim to add their own, home-grown algae to the pavillion for the landing event on 29th October.

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